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Get the most from your plumbing system

If you look after yourself well, with regular exercise and healthy eating, then your body will be in good condition and you’ll add a few extra years to your life. The same logic applies to your plumbing system. Proper and regular maintenance of your plumbing will ensure it has a long lifespan and work more efficiently. Whether it’s a leaking shower repair in Perth or water heater repair, contact us for professional plumbing.

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Longreach Plumbing is a full-serviced plumbing company based in the Perth metropolitan area with over 20 years’ experience in bringing the very best service to our clients. We provide maintenance services for both commercial and residential clients. Do you have an excessive water bill? You might just need to repair a dripping shower head or repair a leaking pipe. We can help with a complete water usage audit. This will pinpoint and offer relief to your monthly utilities, saving you money and unnecessary stress.

We offer plumbing solutions for:

  • Leaking taps and repairs
  • Emergency hot water unit replacement
  • Leak detection and repairs
  • Burst Pipes
  • Blocked drains
  • Complete kitchen and bathroom renovations


We care

We make every effort to offer affordable prices that are reflective of the value we offer and easy on your budget. This also includes offering pensioner discounts. Get in touch with our friendly team to discuss your specific needs.

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Hot water

We install all types of hot water units and filtering systems for commercial and residential needs

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Why maintenance is important?

A working plumbing system is vital to many of the tasks in your home, but you may not give it much thought until something goes wrong. While you can spot a leak, or notice a blockage, there are some plumbing issues that may go undetected. There are major repair needs that can be prevented with regular maintenance from professional and accredited plumbers.

  • Extended lifespan

The number one cause of a deteriorating pipe is corrosion or rust. This can lead to leaks and other plumbing problems, which can be caught early with a maintenance visit. Another plumbing pain point for commercial and residential clients is your hot water system. Regular wear and tear means it will need replacing. We’ll send one of or plumbers over to inspect and clean your heating system, guaranteeing that your water heater will work better and last longer.

  • Less repairs

Without scheduled maintenance, repairs will occur more often. With maintenance, leaks, clogs, and other problems can be caught early on, which means you won’t have to worry about repair needs occurring as often. This will save you time and money in the future.

  • Better water pressure

If you have low water pressure from your shower and faucets, it may be due to leaks, mineral build-up, or other plumbing issues. Increased water pressure is just an added bonus that you will enjoy with regular plumbing maintenance and timely leaking shower and faucet repair.

  • Save on costs

With leaking pipes and faulty hot water systems, you’re probably spending a lot on your utility bills. With a scheduled maintenance service, you can reduce your energy bill and improve the functioning of your plumbing system.


Why choose us

Longreach has a professional touch that will ensure your systems are in top shape. We’ll perform an inspection and provide you with a great understanding of your plumbing issues. Our plumbers are professional, honest and fully accredited.

Contact us today and find out how we can help you. Receive a free quote.